David Starfas is a visual artist and educator who has been working in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2001. His work has a strong narrative quality and is influenced by children’s literature and illustrations. He received a bachelor of fine arts in painting at Kansas City Art Institute. David has taught art at Charles Armstrong School, The Brandeis School of San Francisco, and Gateway Middle School. He also built a flourishing children’s program for a non-profit in San Francisco. Using gouache, oil paint, acrylic, printmaking techniques, mixed and digital media, he creates compelling portraits and narrative images of both animals and children in whimsical situations. David believes that wonder is the beginning of all learning. Children naturally have a sense of wonder. Wonder fuels our inquisitive nature and gives us a desire to explore the world around us and to imagine things differently. David’s work invites people, whatever their age, into a world full of wonder.





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